What or who?

We are essentially a trans-local ministry team. NCMI is composed of men and women who are able to help build local churches, and to equip and mobilize believers for the fulfillment of the work of the Kingdom and the discipling of the nations. NCMI is not an organization or grouping of churches.

Although there are local churches that relate to NCMI, we are simply a team of individuals who are committed to the advance of the Kingdom of God. We are currently working in more than 80 different countries, and there are churches in many of these nations that are voluntarily linked with NCMI as a trans-local, Apostolic/Prophetic team.

The relationship we have with local churches is a very important dynamic to us as we work together to fulfill the Great Commission. The churches that relate to NCMI come from many different backgrounds; some are newly planted churches, while others are churches that have been around longer than NCMI. Some have related to NCMI since their inception, others do not have that history but have found in NCMI an expression of Apostolic and Prophetic Christianity that they wanted to be a part of. Whatever the case, we see the whole of what we are involved in a groupings of friends, working together in team, motivated by a love of Jesus Christ and a desire to “speed His coming” (2 Peter 3:12).


Our Vision 
To know Christ and make Him known. This we achieve through the following.

First, it is to facilitate the vision and command that Jesus gave to the Church to disciple the nations of the world. This is accomplished in various ways:

  • by encouraging and training leadership,
  • by encouraging and training individuals for church planting,
    through foundational ministry to pastors and churches,
  • and by providing practical opportunities throughout the world to participate in short or long-term church planting projects.

Second, we have given ourselves to see strong and healthy, eldership led local churches established and nurtured. Believers in these churches will be trained, equipped, and released to grow into their full potential and maturity in God. Our objective is that the priesthood of all believers will be exercised fully and freely. In this context, it is our desire to nurture elders to become skilful shepherds who lead with integrity of heart.

Who Leads This Team
Dudley Daniel led NCMI until October 2004 when that leadership was handed over to Tyrone Daniel. Tyrone, his wife Nicole and their three boys, are based in Denver, Colorado.

He is supported in the translocal work by a team of leaders (located in various nations around the world) who are recognized gift-ministries, as outlined in Ephesians, chapter 4, and who have been invited to serve on the NCMI team.

All of the team members are based in local churches, and most of them are pastors who lead a local church that is able to release and support them for periodic ministry around the world. Some have been fully released from a pastoral role to give all their time to trans-local ministry, but still with the local church as their base. Often, these churches are able to continue financing these ‘itinerant’ (trans-local) team members.



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