Developing Base Churches

base churches

15 Feb 2016: In mid January leaders from across the country and South African converged the Base Church church for envision and planning time known as Dream Time. It was an opportune time to pray, dream and cast vision about what Jesus is doing through His church in Zimbabwe. Two among many thing that stood at the meeting was the need for leaders and the church to understand about partnership for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Secondly the need to develop base churches as God  equips and resource His church for the sake of the gospel.Below is set of points about Building base churches a topic which was shared by Mli Ncube and Bruce Mcalpine during the dream time. These were compiled at Lighthouse to The Nations Church in Johannesburg. Download Notes Developing Base Churches – June 2009

Biblical Texts:
Antioch Church – Acts 8:1; Acts 11:19-30; Acts 12:25-13:4; Acts 14:26-28; Acts 15:1-35

Ephesian Church – Acts 18:1-3; Acts 18:18-20:1; Acts 20:17-21:1

Thessalonica Church – Acts 17:1-10; 1 Thessalonica 1:1-10

Values that we have extracted from the Texts with regards to being a Base Church:

• Dynamic movement of teams In & Out of the Church on a continual basis both short and long term.
• Steady flow of Eph 4 Gifting into the life of the church on a regular basis. These gifts reproduce after themselves. E.g. Prophets and Teachers in Antioch and In Ephesus – Apollos and Baptism issue.
• There needs to be sensitivity and responsiveness to the Holy Spirit’s moving. Trusting for His Fruit and Gifts to be developed and released into and out of the church. Our emphasis needs to be on hearing and obeying Him.
• The priesthood of all believers who because of the over flow of their hearts’ experience with Jesus, actively share their faith.
• A church that is Multi at every level of Race, Culture & Class.
• A Vital Need to recognize, resource, risk with and release people into their grace gifts, callings and to make sure their character matches these.
• A church that lives under the gracious hand of God, experiencing His presence, pleasure and power on a regular basis, as a lifestyle.
• A Church that understands and lives in the Fear of God, realising that without Him we can do NOTHING.
• A place where Teaching, Training and Equipping that is both formal and informal, takes place on a continual basis.
• A church where there is joyous expression of the organic life of God in and over us.
• A generous people in all aspects of life: time, treasures, talents, tasks, teams, etc.
• A place were everyone is maturing into and being conformed into the image and likeness of Christ.
• A Church that is Faithful with the resources that God gives us.
• A Church that has a genuine heart for and of Worship.
• A Church that loves to serve joyfully in practical and spiritual ways.
• A people of Prayer and Fasting that focuses on our needs and the needs of others. This is never to be a religious duty but a Spirit led, need based, and life giving activity.
• Team is the key to everything. Teams that are flexible and fluid.
• Kingdom heart and vision is Vital. A church that place Jesus as the centre, with Him as King and because of this, experiences Kingdom power, authority, priority, teaching and life.
• Teachable hearts are vital. This must be in place to qualify us for anything else.
Correction, encouragement and rebuke must be received and given in love, regardless of who it comes from or is directed towards.
• A radical commitment to the Word of God with deep convictions, choosing truth above the opinions, preferences, pressures, perspectives and politically correctness of man.
• A church that realizes that it will face opposition.
• New converts that are discipled, cared for, given time to be healed, cleansed and nurtured, encouraged in the ways of the Lord, without their passion for the King being killed in any way.
• An approach to every ministry that keeps in mind, our calling to be a base church and therefore is built in such a way that the ministry is a model that can be easily exported and adapted to and for other churches. I.e. we exist for the benefit of others.
• A Church that is Prophetic and lives in the future, able to embrace and celebrate change.
• A Church that understands the difference between the ½ time pep talk and the game I.e. the focus of church activity is to make an impact and advance the Kingdom of God in the World and not the other way around.
• A Church that understands and lives out the GREAT COMMANDMENT and as a result of that lives out the GREAT COMMISSION.

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